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The role of Jupiter in a person's horoscope

Jupiter is the fifth planet farthest from the Sun and the largest planet. Since ancient times, its beneficial influence has been believed.

Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter's cycle is twelve years, that is, he stays in one zodiac sign for about one year. In personal horoscopes, Jupiter also symbolizes happiness. It predicts whether a person's life will develop successfully.

Strong and weak Jupiter in a person's horoscope

People with a strong position of Jupiter in their horoscope and in good aspects with the other planets and especially with the luminaries can be said to be the caress of fate. For them, fate always arranges a holiday for them, and difficult periods are few and end quickly.

People in whose horoscopes Jupiter is in a weak position with unfavorable aspects, such curtseys from fate are rare for them. In order to deserve any good, such people must possess great will and persistence. Thanks to their will and persistence, the ray of light shone on them in the form of an increase in income, or a higher position, even then it was not what they dreamed of.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Pisces

In these signs, a planet lends interest to distant countries and cultures. Jupiter in Sagittarius symbolizes supreme authority, law and statesmanship. Many lawyers and representatives of the law have Jupiter in Sagittarius in their horoscopes.

Jupiter in Pisces brings idealism and religiosity. The owner of Jupiter in Pisces has a sacrificial willingness, and missionary. Many people with such a position of Jupiter become teachers, mentors, teachers in various spheres of life. Such a position of the planet gives abilities in the field of arts such as music and painting.

Jupiter in Cancer

In this sign the planet is considered in exaltation. In Cancer, the planet shows its best qualities. People with this position of the planet are distinguished by responsiveness.

Jupiter in Virgo and Gemini

In these signs Jupiter is exiled. It will be difficult for him to show his qualities here. In these positions, he loses his scale and dissipates in small, not so important tasks.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Here he is in decline. In the sign of the cruel Saturn of Jupiter, it is not easy for him. God's grace must be earned by hard work. Therefore, many people with this position of Jupiter work hard before receiving the desired bonuses from fate in the form of social benefits or material values.

Jupiter in Aries

In the sign of passionate Mars, Jupiter manifests itself as acting brightly with marked enthusiasm. Therefore, people with Jupiter in Aries are very active and ambitious in social terms.

Jupiter in Taurus

Here he has a practical image of buying property and making bank accounts. Through these acquisitions, representatives of Jupiter in Taurus testify to their success. Among them are many businessmen, bankers and business owners.

Jupiter in Leo

Here he shines very brightly. Among the people who have this position on the planet there are many patrons, benefactors and patrons in all their kinds. Lovers of power have many representatives as superiors or leaders at different levels.

Jupiter in Libra

A peacemaker and loyal to every person regardless of the social ladder. They have a desire for balance and harmony.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Very sensitive people who seek success in sensual desires.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Experimenters, dreamers of the distant future. They love fantasy and abstract ideas. They are happy among their circles of programmers and engineers.