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How does the moon rule our dreams?

Specialists in the field of esotericism believe that the Moon exerts a powerful influence on the subconscious of every person. This influence is especially strong during sleep. Dreams contain a lot of useful information. Therefore, it is desirable to carefully treat them and try to decipher the received messages. Usually the content of the dream depends on the phase of the moon.

New Moon

This period brings a dream about the future. If you remember these dreams, you will certainly know how events will develop in the future. Especially plots related to your wishes and plans. They show you what to change and how to act to make your intentions come true.

Decaying Moon

Here the Moon shows the past. In a dream, you may re-enact situations that were primarily responsible for your destiny, and also recall past lives. During this period of the Moon, it is shown which people you should immediately break up with and which will disappear from your life forever.

Critical phases

There are four transitions in the lunar month, which are accompanied by a change of the lunar phases. These are the new moon, full moon, and also the beginning of the first and third lunar phases. In these periods, people dream and events and the main problems and tasks are revealed. You can find out which internal conflicts are hindering your success and how to overcome them.

New Moon Dreams

On the first day of the new moon, the energy of the Sun prevails, and the Moon is practically hidden from people's eyes. Our main luminary and Mercury, which is usually located nearby, activate the human intellect. In such periods there are many discoveries and you can find an original way out of a difficult situation. This is a time for creative thoughts and ideas.

Full moon dreams

On the days of the full moon, the Moon opposes the Sun, it is this conflict that brings great irritability. If you can remember dreams during this period, you will learn to do it effortlessly. In addition, the stories will tell you your life times will tell you how to avoid failures