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How to plan the week according to the stars?

When everything goes wrong in our lives, we look for a way to fix it. Here the planets come to the rescue, we can manage life obeying the advice of the stars, taking into account that each day of the week is ruled by a certain planet.

MONDAY - The Moon rules the first day of the week. The day is characterized by frequent mood swings. To get through this day without problems, try not to react to other people's whims or insults. This is rather due to the Moon which rules the tides.

TUESDAY - This day is ruled by the active and warlike Mars. The day is favorable for completing or bringing to a successful end tasks that you have been putting off for a long time. Now you can be decisive and persistent in the execution of your tasks, but do not let your emotions play a bad joke on you. Control your anger.

WEDNESDAY - The day is under Mercury, he is the God of merchants, crooks, a traveler. During the day, you can indulge in gossip or make a deal that you have been putting off for a long time. A suitable period to start a new venture in which commercial success is necessary, but be vigilant because your partners during the day are also subject to Mercury.

THURSDAY - The Supreme God Jupiter rules the day, it is a serious planet on it and serious matters approach. Signing important contracts and meetings. It is best to deal only with projects that are important to you.

FRIDAY - The day is under Venus, the representative of love and beauty. Give yourself pleasure. Be beautiful and desirable. The day is suitable for love meetings.

SATURDAY - After Friday, which was entirely dedicated to love, it is now time to submit to strict Saturn, which imposes restrictions. What do we need to do? Start a new diet, clean the house, save money.

SUNDAY - This is the day of the Sun, be generous and bright like the luminary. Visit a theater, a cinema, or visit an exhibition, this is what the Sun requires of you.

Following these recommendations we can direct our lives.