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Venus retrograde

Venus patronizes love, new acquaintances, buying expensive things. What questions will be relevant during the retrograde of Venus for the various zodiac signs, we will introduce you in this article.


Representatives of the Aries zodiac sign will get a second chance in love. Lonely representatives of the sign will have a chance to meet a suitable partner and arrange their personal life.


For Taurus, retrograde Venus opens an important period not only for updating relationships, but also an opportunity to improve their finances.


Representatives of the sign will have a chance to realize their ambitions and smooth out their relationship with their loved one.


For representatives of the sign of Cancer, there is a chance of additional income, but it is desirable to carefully allocate their budget. Excellent time to complete construction or renovations that have started.


During the period, Leos will be the focus of important planetary events. Venus retrograde will allow them to make the necessary changes in relationships, but this will require compromises.


Many Virgos will be inclined to return to their old love friendships, during the period they have a chance to arrange their personal lives in a new way.


Libras will return to their old passions, the saying will be relevant for them. An old friend is better than two new ones. Fruitful journeys and a turning point in relations with colleagues, partners and loved ones await them.


Many Scorpios will realize their personal ambitions, thanks to which they are likely to receive high positions and reciprocity from loved ones. The office romances that will start during the period will hardly be long-lasting.


Sagittarius will have the opportunity to gain sympathy among friends, acquaintances, partners, which will prepare the ground for personal success.


Many Capricorns will have a chance to regain their financial independence. Additional income and solving financial problems are likely.


For Aquarians, many obstacles can arise in old friendships and starting new ones. The representatives of the zodiac will have to arm themselves with patience in order to get out of the vicious circle of failures in love.


Many Pisces will have a chance for career advancement. In order to succeed, they will need speed and compromises. At the same time, they should pay more attention to their health.