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What does the Moon predict in a person's horoscope?

The position of the Moon in a person's horoscope is an important astrological indicator and predicts how a person recovers his strength and how he rests.

Moon in Aries

Representatives of the Aries zodiac sign are restless and active, their favorite recreation is sports. They prefer to listen to cheerful and rhythmic music while resting.

Moon Taurus

People with Moon in Taurus prefer comfort, good food, quality sleep. This is how they replenish their strength. The natural sounds of chirping birds and the sound of falling rain relax and energize them.

Moon in Gemini

Such people need a constant change of impressions. By taking a spontaneous trip, it will fill them with energy and optimism.

Moon in Cancer

People with this position of the planet in their horoscopes rest best in a family circle and by listening to sentimental melodies.

Moon in Leo

They burn with a desire to be noticed, they love a festive atmosphere, especially if they are the center of attention, in this way they recharge their batteries and take a break from the stressful everyday life.

Moon in Virgo

People with a Virgo Moon in their star charts rest best by doing housework, cleaning the house or gardening.

Moon in Libra

People who have this position on the planet love beauty and are recharged by it, and they rest best when they are in love.

Moon in Scorpio

For them, rest means extreme pleasures

Moon in Sagittarius

For them, the most fulfilling vacation is when they travel and get to know new people and cultures

Moon in Capricorn

Rest for them is most complete when they are alone and deal with their problems.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius people rest by trusting their original impulses like traveling, meeting new people or visiting places they haven't had the chance to visit before.

Moon in Pisces

For such people, meditation and contacts with their inner self are the best times to restore their strength.

Understanding the lunar secrets, we wish you good self-esteem!