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Venus in the female horoscope

The position of Venus in a woman's horoscope predicts how a woman will show her love for people and also her aesthetic and taste.

Venus in Aries - passionate
Women who have Venus in Aries in their horoscope are sharp and want to emphasize their independence in every way. This woman is successful in business, assertive in work and personal life. It is very possible that she will be the first to propose her relationship.

Venus in Taurus - charming
The woman whose star chart has Venus in Taurus is distinguished by the ability to charm. Such ladies try to please those around them and are very attractive. From men they desire courtship, flowers and gifts. Their main drawback is great jealousy.

Venus in Gemini - talkative
To subdue such a woman requires words. Women of this type like to talk a lot, love to listen to compliments. They value intellectually developed and witty men. If you want to conquer them you must talk about your love for them constantly. These ladies get rid of boring suitors quickly and without much regret. They are prone to fickleness and strive for new sensations.

Venus in Cancer – guardian of the home hearth
Women with this position of Venus are very sentimental, sensitive and love romance and mystery. If this lady falls in love, she becomes even more sensitive and emotional. Her feelings are sincere and her words true. This type of women are skilled housewives.

Venus in Leo – spectacular
This position of Venus predicts that the woman who owns it loves everything bright. She wants her partner to be financially secure. She wants to receive lavish gifts and be given a lot of attention.

Venus in Virgo – sensible
The actions and feelings of ladies with Venus in Virgo are very well thought out. The man who will be their groom is desirable to be attractive and impeccably dressed. He must meet her standards.

Venus in Libra – brilliant
Women with this position of the planet are distinguished by external attractiveness and a desire to own beautiful things. They don't bother to fall in love with a man who only looks good and dresses tastefully. They also love sophisticated interiors and expensive trinkets. Often in their lives the role of worldly lionesses falls.

Venus in Scorpio - jealous
The planet in this sign is in exile. This is also manifested in the character of women ranked under this position. This lady feels desire and constant confirmation of her partner's feelings. It is because of this that she is distinguished by a jealous character and a desire for everyone to obey her.

Venus in Sagittarius - an adventurer
For women it becomes the position of Venus, love is always a fun game without rules. They strive to get fresh impressions to win the man and establish new contacts. They love active recreation and are always in a great mood.

Venus in Capricorn - strict
She is serious Relationships with men are well thought out. She is capricious, but her love is sincere and long. Only a man with a high financial position can conquer such a woman.

Venus in Aquarius - friendly
Women of this type confuse friendship with love. It is difficult for them to determine what feelings they have for men. To please such a woman, it is necessary to become like-minded in order to gain her trust.

Venus in Pisces - attached
In this water sign, Venus feels very comfortable and has the opportunity to reveal her best qualities. She is attentive and gentle to the one she loves. It is also feminine, sensual, dreamy, and for that it has quite a few devotees.