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What do the symbols of the zodiac signs mean

Each sign of the zodiac has its own symbol, but we have thought little about what it means. It is indicated that the history of the creation of the world is laid in this symbol


The symbol of this sign resembles a horn, but in an esoteric sense it means a sign of an explosion that creates matter. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is associated with the beginning of the world. Explosion this is the original meaning of this sign. This interpretation also corresponds to the explosive nature of Aries.


In the horoscope, Taurus is a sign that creates and collects material goods. Its symbolism also speaks of this. At first glance it looks like a bull's head with horns, it means Earth and Moon and is a sign of creation of matter and space.


Symbols that are joined or separated by two other lines. These are two Moons looking at each other. The material and the spiritual are two different worlds. Such is the character of Gemini.


The symbol of Cancer is two circles. The esoteric meaning of this symbol means a female breast or ovum, which corresponds to the female nature of the constellation. This is also reflected in the character of Cancer. Striving for family values, offspring and home.


The Leo symbol at first glance looks like a creature with a mane, but if we look closely we see that it is an image of a sperm, which foretells the masculine nature of this sign.


The sign Virgo is associated with the six days of creation of the world, when man appeared on earth. This symbol is very similar to the Scorpio symbol, but here the last line is turned inward, which means that it collects the energy in itself. This is the task of this sign to structure space.


In a traditional sense, this sign reflects the setting of the Sun. Libra is the opposite sign of Aries in the zodiac circle. If Aries symbolizes the beginning, then Libra is accepted as balance.


The symbol of the sign arrow pointing to the outside world. This symbol is similar to the symbol of Virgo, but if Virgo gathers energy, Scorpio gives away its energy.


In the story of the creation of the world, Sagittarius is a savior. The arrow symbol of this sign, this Centaur you shoot with a bow. In an esoteric sense, Sagittarius cleanses all the karmic sins of a person and guides the world to move forward.


It is difficult to understand at first glance the symbol of Capricorn, it is a mixture of the symbol of Fish and Goat or perfection of matter. It is in these stages of development that humanity can manifest its character.


The two waves are the symbol of the zodiac. It is a symbol of the implementation of reason in man and is said to be the most intelligent sign of the zodiac.


The symbol of Pisces is two circles that represent movement and are crossed out. This, in an esoteric sense, is the end of a cycle and a transition into another world.