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The vices of signs

See what are the typical vices that are common for each of the zodiac signs

Aries -  selfishness

Aries have a tendency to use people for their own purposes without caring about their feelings. Their zodiac sign makes them always be at the top and therefore they do not choose means to realize this dream of theirs.

Taurus - stubbornness

Tauruses think they are always right, and that's why their persistence is huge. Because of this their behavior causes them many problems in life.

Twins -  duplicity

Many Geminis play a double game in their lives. No one can know what goes on in the mind of the representatives of the sign. They masterfully hide their dark side and create an image of a good and compassionate person.

Cancer - a lie

People can hardly believe that the gentle and sensitive representative of the zodiac can have such a negative trait. Through it they exploit people's weak points and thus satisfy their desires.

Leo - narcissism

Leos don't like criticism. They like to always be the center of attention. This is how they express their Leo character.

Virgo - restraint

Virgos are great perfectionists. They very quickly become dependent on everything that happens to them and give all their resources to achieve an ideal result. After all, the finale of the events rather disappoints them.

Libra - laziness

Libras decide the most important matters at the last minute. Their rich imagination constantly thinks of plots and thus postpones the solution of the task.

Scorpio - passion

Behind their innocent look are people with great imagination and determination to realize their plans. They use different tricks to win a victory on their own, but then they quickly get tired of everything and move on to another goal.

Sagittarius - inconstancy

Sagittarians doubt everything. To achieve the desired goal, they use different approaches. They especially suffer from their constant falling in love, but after a while they start to doubt their loved ones as well.

Capricorn - work holism

Their zodiac sign gives them the ability to always move forward. There are no obstacles for them. They easily overcome them and move forward. That's why they don't know what a break is and spend most of their life at their workplace.

Aquarius - surface

Aquarians make the impression of very smart people, but for this they should be grateful to their curiosity. But this very quality of theirs can play a bad joke on them. Their interests are very quickly exhausted and they turn to other spheres of life.

Fish - negative addictions

Many representatives of the sign begin to experiment with alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances from a young age. The reason for this is that they always want to be on the edge of their consciousness and therefore turn to these harmful habits.