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Alcohol horoscope

How do spirits affect the representatives of different zodiac signs? And whether representatives of certain zodiac signs should not drink at all. This article will answer these questions.


It is contraindicated for Aries to drink. Their explosively dangerous nature and the high level of alcohol make them an aggressive personality. As a rule, Aries drink to reduce stress, but alcohol is unlikely to solve their problems, and on the contrary, the next day they will be disappointed by the actions performed and the words spoken while intoxicated.


Representatives of the zodiac rarely change their alcohol habits and prefer elite drinks. For them, drinking is a whole ritual through which they can relax and reflect on life.


Geminis are very fond of drinking in company, they rarely drink alone. They should avoid excessive use of alcohol because it leads to unpleasant situations for them.


Crabs love to drink. Drinking one glass of alcohol prompts them to drink more and more. Alcohol affects them badly, Cancers fall into depression and begin to complain about their fate.


Leos never refuse alcohol. When they drink, they start bragging about their merits and successes, sometimes insulting those they drink with.


Virgos like to reduce stress with alcohol. It doesn't matter to them whether they drink with company or alone, but their desire to relax often turns into binges. For this, they should be careful with the use of alcohol.


Libras must know their measure, if they drink a little they become the soul of the company, but if they overdo it with spirits they turn into grumbling pessimists.


Scorpios when they drink become open and well-intentioned people, but if they drink more than necessary they become unmanageable. That is why it is desirable to drink but in moderation.


Sagittarians like to try different alcoholic drinks, for this they do not have specific preferences. When they drink, they are ready for exploits and love adventures, which later lead to sad consequences.


Alcohol helps Capricorn relax and makes them brave, energetic and positive. It's also true that this elixir turns them superhuman, but that ends quickly and then they're back to being themselves.


Aquarians take alcohol as an antidepressant. They use alcohol to change the reality in which they live, but they must distinguish their feelings from when they drank and the current life.


Pisces are very dependent on alcohol, it gives them strength and confidence. The representatives of this sign do not think about the consequences and look to consume more alcohol.

When using alcohol, it is desirable for all people to know whether they tolerate it and to think about the negative consequences of its consumption.