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What men like women according to their zodiac sign

This article, dear ladies, will help you understand your innermost desires, and will allow men to peek into your inner world.


The Aries woman is looking for a strong man to match her energy. So that they can create a strong family to deal with life's problems.


The Taurus woman is looking for a faithful man, children, a good and stable job and financial well-being.


The Gemini woman wants variety in life. The man she trusted to take her to some exotic country where there is sea, sun and carefree.


The Cancer woman seeks stability and understanding. The representatives of this sign dream of a strong family.


The female representative of the zodiac wants men to constantly admire her both at work and at home. She needs fame and recognition.


The Virgo woman wants to live by the rules. The man she lives with should pay her salary and she should distribute the budget.


The Libra woman wants a man who can provide her with attention, gifts, compliments, great gallantry and variety.


The Scorpio woman wants the man to follow her rules and punish the violators. At the same time, she wants to be young, sexy and attractive.


The Sagittarius woman does not know what she wants. She is hard to please. The partner must satisfy all her wishes and take into account her mood.


The Capricorn woman is a strong and strong-willed woman, she always wants to be the leader in work and family. These are her wishes.


The Aquarius woman wants freedom, independence. Neither money nor a prestigious job will make her stay in the family cage.


The Pisces woman wants a strong man who can solve all her problems, earn good money, and she can do whatever she wants.