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The thirteenth sign in the zodiac

Did you know that the zodiac horoscope is made up not of twelve but of thirteen signs? In the horoscope, the Standard Bearer is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. People born between November 17 and November 27 can be considered representatives of the sign of the Bearer.

Where does the thirteenth sign in the zodiac come from and what qualities are characteristic of these people.

History of emergence

Each sign in the zodiac has its legend of origin, but the most unusual is the legend of the Standard Bearer. According to an ancient legend, in this period of time, a chariot of fire passed over the earth, which burned all living things. After that, terrible monsters appeared on the earth and a period of power of secret forces came into the world. If you believe this legend then the Standard Bearer represents an ominous and dangerous sign, but is it really so?

Character and destiny

The representatives of this constellation possess wisdom, courage, determination, strong will and a strong spirit. They are not afraid of anything and overcome all difficulties to realize their plans. If an unpleasant event happens in their life, they do not dwell on it, but recover quickly even after the cruelest blows of fate. Most of the representatives of this zodiac achieve success in their career but not in their personal life. They are passionate, free-spirited, active and very energetic. That is why it is difficult for them to find a companion in their life.

You can be sure that special people are born under this sign. They are very successful and quickly fulfill their desires if they use their strengths in their character.