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How to raise our children according to their zodiac sign

All Western astrological currents start from the Avestan tradition, but this ancient school is not only about the positions of the stars, but also has a whole philosophy of life.

The Avestan tradition includes care for all spheres of human life, harmonizing its activity with the rhythms of the universe. This includes moral norms, hygiene rules and, last but not least, a strategy for raising children. Avestan teaching was very careful about marriage and family. Ancient thinkers developed rules, many of which still work beautifully today.

Modern parents find it difficult to raise their children due to their busy schedule, domestic problems, stress and constant tension and struggle for a better life.

Those parents who did not educate their child in early childhood, from the perspective of family psychology, will hardly do so at a later age.

In ancient times, it was believed that in the first three months of a child's life, it should not be shown to strangers. In this way, the baby is protected from negative influences and is provided with a peaceful and harmonious life. In addition, this tradition also helps to choose a name for the child that corresponds to his life path. It is desirable to match the name with the child's horoscope, and to prepare a protective talisman based on the date of his birth. It is important to develop the child's strengths, abilities and talents from birth. And the shortcomings should be corrected gently and not intrusively.

The child's sun sign plays a big role in the child's upbringing strategy. Naturally, there are characteristic features for each sign, but there are also general rules.

Parents of Aries, Taurus and Gemini, it is important for such children to establish the main life principles from an early age. Parents need special attention and patience. Children of these zodiac signs are difficult to raise, but if you are given a chance, you will have a wise and good child who will delight you and those around you.

Cancer, Leo, Virgo, parents of children with these zodiac signs should pay great attention to developing their creative abilities. A talent is already present at their birth, but perhaps it is hidden deep down and for this an experienced mentor is needed. Such children need to learn to value other people's opinions, otherwise they will have a highly inflated self-esteem and in the future this will hinder them in contacts , the career and in creating a family.

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius with them, parents must teach them a correct system regarding life values. The child must understand what is good and what is bad so that when he grows up he can navigate life without mistakes. When raising children of these zodiac signs, the peace of mind of the parents is important. If the parents have high moral values, then there is a high probability that the children will also have a clear position on all life issues.

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces such children are born with wisdom. Such children should not be subjected to psychological pressure, because they have a thin, vulnerable psyche. Parents should exercise wisdom and justice toward their children. The important thing is to educate them in cheerfulness of spirit and positive thinking. It would be good if parents allowed them to express their opinion and show their rich imagination.

Find the right approach to your child's upbringing and you will see for yourself how stellar upbringing works.