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Erotic horoscope - Cancer


He is an idealistic dreamer, extremely sentimental and emotionally unstable. He is very subject to the cyclical nature of the Moon, which leads to rapid changes in mood. He is an old-school charmer, fond of the company of beautiful women, especially if they are witty.

He is very eloquent, his brilliant memory gives him advantages in discussions and arguments. He is friendly and ready to help in case of need. His sharp analytical mind can quickly find a way out of any situation. He is very sensitive and sentimental and reluctant to part with old friends and habits. Do not expect a light romance with such a man, he takes love relationships very seriously. He loves his home very much. He is a complex person, not only because of the quick change of mood, but it is not boring with him. Be careful with it on a full moon.

His sex life

He needs constant encouragement. The role of a teacher suits him. He will constantly clarify what needs to be done. At the beginning of the acquaintance, avoid rudeness and vulgarity, he tends to idealize his partner. Subsequently, he can become quite realistic and adopt behavior that was not his from the beginning. For women and men, the greatest pleasures come from deep kisses with the participation of the tongue and teeth. Breasts are also a very sensitive place, gentle caressing causes great sexual desires.


You need a compass to reach the emotional realms of this clever lady. If you don't have a proper compass, you can't determine how far the relationship with her has gone at all. When in doubt, remember the rule, she is very dependent on the support of her loved ones, too shy to explain what she feels. No one can go hungry in this woman's domain. She is a very good cook. Her fridge is overflowing with goodies and delicacies. It's part of her overzealous desire for security. She is not a gossip, you can tell her anything without fear that it will be heard. Where the trust of other people is staked, it is like a grave of security. Sometimes her loyalty is a bit annoying. In return, she expects constant affection from her lover. For this woman, two things are necessary: love and security. You can't get to her bedroom until she's sure of your intentions.

Her sex life

Once committed to a man, she is unreservedly faithful to him, regardless of whether he is an alcoholic or a flirt. She never makes the first move. She is too shy and is afraid that if she comes out of her shell, she will be met with criticism. She must be encouraged until her erotic imagination is freed from its inhibitions. Cancer women are sensual, and are not subject to extreme sexual reactions. Since many Cancer women feel that men are too harsh in their sexual desires, they tend to turn to their own gender as well.

A kaleidoscope of feelings

Cancer - Cancer. A common marriage as Cancers look for their soulmate. The union between them looks like a turbulent flow of outbursts of emotions, scandals but also forgiveness. Young Cancers, as a rule, choose older and solid partners, and mature Cancers prefer younger ones.

Cancer - Leo. The union of love, mysterious, interesting but not suitable for marriage. Cancer binds Leo with the veil of secrecy, its tricks and tricks make Leo completely helpless. In marriage, it is difficult for them to adjust to each other. It is impossible for Leo to be forever attracted to home. He needs the glamor of the society scene. Cancer wants to own it completely. Mutual insults, quarrels begin. In cases where they learn to understand each other, they live as brother and sister.

Cancer-Virgo. A good union. Virgo, more than other zodiac signs, is able to forgive and understand the whims of Cancer. Cancer likes Virgo's constancy, reasonableness and ability to sacrifice themselves for the sake of children, the family turns a blind eye to many things. And to Virgo, the sensitivity and subtlety of Cancer.

Cancer - Libra. The union is possible under the condition of patience on the part of Libra, and if they take on the role of mother and mistress, Cancer can fulfill the function of her father. Often, such a marriage is preserved under the condition of material well-being and position in society.

Cancer - Scorpio. The union is suitable for a relationship of a lover rather than a husband, because Cancers cannot last long under the pressure and control of Scorpio. It's interesting for them together and it's not easy for them at all.

Cancer-Sagittarius. This is a bright, multi-faceted, deceptive as a false brilliant and quite common union. You are full of ecstasies, sex, scandals, which may eventually end in court.

Cancer - Capricorn. A problematic and rare union as these two signs are incompatible.

Cancer-Aquarius. Insanely difficult but common union. Something pushes them towards each other and pushes them away again. Their relationship is like a catharsis that transforms both of them.

Cancer - Pisces. Emotional Cancers always seek the deep secrets of Pisces. They derive renewal from this union, but are afraid of the unrecognizability of Pisces. Living together is not easy, it requires sacrifice, but for this it will endow them with great happiness.