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Erotic horoscope - Libra

Libra man

Those born under this sign strive for harmony. The Libra man is not distinguished by an athletic physique, does not like to play sports or participate in spectacular sports events. A good conversationalist who holds an interesting conversation. He has a sense of justice and treats everyone equally. Tactful, diplomatic, understands people perfectly. If he is engaged in business, his associates are very satisfied with his leadership.

He is instinctively inclined to compromises, tries to adapt and extinguish conflict situations. He has a wonderful intuition that it is not desirable to try to deceive him, but he is not very decisive. Don't lose hope, let him know that he turns you on and he will immediately come to the date. The Libra man brings satisfaction to his lady. The easiest way to win over a Libra man is through skillful sets. He has a weakness for well-dressed women with long hair. He will do his best to please his partner. He knows the female anatomy perfectly and has an erotic imagination and the necessary intuition. Sex has no limits for him. In general, he is not particularly faithful and capable of deep feelings. He sees nothing wrong with multiple relationships at the same time. Sensitive areas are the lower back. Make a rolling motion as you climb up your back. They love to be pinched on the bottom.

Libra woman

The woman born under this sign is distinguished by her beauty and sense of the attractive. She has an instinct for beautiful things. Her manners and clothes are always on point, she loves perfumes, beautiful jewelry. The place where he lives always has an atmosphere of elegance. He likes to watch his movements and admire his attractiveness. Since Venus rules her sign, she is very skilled in the art of love. The Libra woman prefers artistic types much more than business people, for example an actor, singer, musician, artist. The Libra woman likes to observe the reactions of her lovers. She sympathizes with anyone who gets addicted to their hair, hands, toes, knees and everything else. And why not? If she is as beautiful as she thinks she is, why not all parts of her.

Relationships between zodiac signs

  • Libra - Libra People of their zodiac sign Libra feel not only their own reflection, but also their partner and opponent. A fruitful coexistence is possible only if the Libras are of different types.
  • Libra-Scorpio Libra harmonizes Scorpio, helping him orient himself in complex situations. The intimate side of their lives is very stormy, passionate and deep. 
  • Libra - Sagittarius A wonderful union. It is strengthened not only by love and friendship, but also by the general worldview.
  • Libra - Capricorn Difficult coexistence. Against the background of complete well-being, they can coolly and abruptly part, showering each other with curses.
  • Libra - Aquarius Successful fruitful union. They have common plans, joint original ideas. Both love to travel, friends and companies.
  • Libra - Pisces For Pisces, this is a fateful union. Libra loves strict form, regulated rules. Pisces strives for unity and dissolution in the partner.