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Erotic horoscope - Virgo


He has a sharp mind and a wonderful intellect. He is interested in practically anything that will help his personal career or increase his fortune. The first thing he wants to know is if the person has money and where he keeps it.

He chooses his friends and intimate girlfriends well and is rarely wrong. He has a nervous temperament and needs a calm environment. This explains his love for fresh air, exercise and regimen. He likes to monitor his own health.

Virgo men are very busy with work and worry about their love life. In large enterprises, Virgo men often occupy high positions. They are modest and perform their duties beautifully.

As a sexual partner, he is capable of long-lasting relationships. He will offer the lady safety, reliability and fidelity. It will secure you financially, but that doesn't mean you'll get what you want.

A Virgo man does not lie to women. You shouldn't indulge in any profanity with him. He knows a woman's anatomy well and knows how to arouse her and provoke the necessary erotic reactions. Don't expect much imagination from him in the field of sex. He will try until the woman experiences an orgasm.

Erogenous zones

Breasts in contact with the tongue, light stroking with thumbs. Light massage in the navel area.


Most Virgo women are more intelligent than any other woman in the zodiac. The trouble is that they can hardly find a man who fulfills their requirements. The Virgo woman worries too much. This is because she is convinced that she cannot find solutions to the problems that are bothering her. He relies on his intellect rather than his intuition. Her energy is enough for two or three women and she takes on a task that no one else can do. In every undertaking he takes precautions against failure. She knows what she wants from a man. If he cannot see for himself, it will help him to analyze the situation. If he marries it is usually late. She is an excellent housewife and an excellent mother.

She has no illusions about sex and would like no one to exaggerate its importance. Once she decided to indulge herself, she would not be disappointed.

The bedroom will be dimly lit or no lights at all. The bed will be freshly made, the room airy and maybe there will be good music. The phone will be switched off. Virgos foresee everything. Virgo puts a limit to what gives her pleasure. Within these limits, she is more than wonderful, wanting to make you feel good. It can turn a kiss into an erotic experience almost equal to the act itself. Her highest sexual pleasure comes when she succeeds in making you happy.


Virgo - Virgo

The union is successful and happy because only two Virgos are able to understand the tastes and requirements of the other.

Virgo - Libra

Also a frequent and successful union. They are united by the mutual desire for balance to create comfort, coziness, well-being. Libra knows a little bit about everything, and Virgo studies the problem in depth, analyzing every side of the issue. Both of them make up for each other's lacking qualities.

Virgo - Scorpio

For the union to be successful, Virgo and Scorpio must have strong characters. In such a union, do not wait for peace, the partners test each other and their relations always remain on the border of the crisis. Scorpio's magnetism disturbs Virgo, and she exerts all her strength to resist him. A perpetual state of alertness.


A rare union. The economical Virgo suffers from the extravagance of Sagittarius. They may be united by mutual service to society in the social or religious sphere.


A balanced and lasting union. Both have a realistic view of life. Virgo's reasonable demands and critical mind impress Capricorn. Children make the union unbreakable.


A rare union. Virgo loves home, order, well-being. Aquarius is free, the main thing for him is to have somewhere to return to. The union lasts as long as the Virgin's patience lasts.

Virgo - Pisces

A complex and rare union. Virgo is a housewife, for her marriage is frugality and accumulation. Mystical and distracted Pisces and concrete Virgos do not get along perfectly. After all, they have a different energy and holy perception of the world.