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Erotic horoscope - Gemini


It is in constant motion. Whatever he's doing now, he wants to do something else. Built of contradictions does not move on a schedule. As a rule, he is smart and has a very mobile tongue. In conversations and discussions, he jumps from topic to topic and is unpredictable.

He reacts very poorly to failure. That's why he's always looking to make some kind of intrigue wherever he can. Women are not the most important thing in his life, but he has enough.

At the beginning of the relationship, he is magnificent, but his emotional powers quickly run out. Feelings are changeable and the future unpredictable.

Regarding sex, he is not passionate, on the one hand he makes love and on the other hand he observes. He is constantly both a spectator and a performer. Even if he talks about great sincerity, don't trust him. Enjoys group or bisexual sex. He wants to get pleasure and does not miss opportunities. He likes sex underwater very much. He tends to experiment with pills for a bigger erection. Basically, he will find a way for various pleasures.

Erogenous Zones The most erogenous zone for Gemini men and women is the mind. Talking excites them and silence makes them restrained.


It is equivalent to a harem. 10 women could hardly match her virtuosity. Like a genie in a bottle, every time you get together a new, completely different woman will appear. He is constantly looking for new and new ways to spend the accumulated energy. He relies more on his reflexes than on his judgment. It is difficult for her to fixate on a single feeling, on a lover.

Relationships with men also often smooth out the heartless, but a jilted lover tends to apologize and forget only for her to accept him back. Those who manage to come to terms with it will find that the experience is worth it.

Her sex life

It does not need a special place and special arrangements. The back seat of the car, the meat cinema. Her main requirements are a lover who will give her enough time because she cannot rush. In her quest for ultimate ecstasy, she reaches fetishism. A woman can be aroused by various body odors. The whole fetish range is in her amplo, but it's more physical than emotional. Curiosity, not true desire, is the name of her game.

A kaleidoscope of feelings

Gemini - Gemini. If two Geminis enter into marriage, this union will be based only on friendship and complete freedom of relations. Both understand and feel the partner too well, and this does not always bring happiness.

Gemini - Cancer. Gemini is the sign of eternal seduction for Cancer. Both Cancer and Gemini are fickle, infantile and interesting to be together. Marriage is preserved only under the condition of ease and freedom of relations.

Gemini- Leo. Gemini is dazzled by the brightness of Leo, by the generosity, variety and richness of his nature. Playful, mobile and cheerful Gemini impresses Leo with their diverse interests and sociability. Over time, friendly relations are established between them, which further strengthens the marriage.

Gemini-Virgo. Regardless of the fact that Mercury is the patron of both signs, it manifests itself in a completely different way. Something draws them to each other, but the union is durable on common interests and if they make mutual concessions. As a rule, marriage rests on the prudence and patience of Virgo.

Gemini - Libra. Libras endow Gemini with harmony and decency in relationships, and if both work in the same field and have common interests, they are inseparable.

Gemini-Scorpio. A difficult but common union. The losers in this case are the Geminis, they cannot stand the dictates of the Scorpion and separate.

Gemini-Sagittarius. The union is rare and not typical, which very quickly falls apart. Their complete opposite allows only for spiritual growth.

Gemini - Capricorn. An extremely rare union. For Gemini, Capricorn is a secret that attracts them with its unpredictability. The marriage is destroyed with a bang, and if it lasts, it is only due to Capricorn's desire to re-educate the Gemini at any cost.

Gemini - Aquarius. Regardless of the frequent quarrels and disagreements, this is a successful union. They have common spiritual interests and this union promotes the evolutionary development of both.

Gemini-Pisces. Their work together or marriage between them resembles a relationship between two investigators. A tense game of two minds. But they rarely have the patience for a long marriage.