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Astrological symbols of the signs

Each zodiac sign is somehow related to people's perception of the person it represents.


The distinctive symbol of the sign of Aries is the noble ram. It is this animal that fights for its existence with its head. People representing this zodiac sign are purposeful and brave. They remember life lessons well and think several times before deciding how to act.


A powerful bull with a fiery temper, but also with a rational outlook on life. Taurus is associated with strength, power and stubbornness. The astrological sign of Taurus represents the horns of the bull.


The astrological sign of Gemini symbolizes the dual nature of the representatives of this sign. Many representatives of this sign say one thing and do another.


Cancer with its powerful pincers which it uses in protection, but with great sympathy for the environment. Representatives of the sign thoroughly study the world around them. The very symbol of the sign speaks of this. They are characterized by feminine tenderness and care for their immediate surroundings.


The lion is majesty - he is the king of the jungle. Representatives of this zodiac sign are characterized by nobility and masculinity. Both women and men of this sign possess these qualities. The symbol of the lion is its mane.


This sign is associated with the image of the innocent maiden, who represents spiritual purity and care for the sick and disadvantaged. The sign of Virgo is a woman holding wheat. This once again proves their completeness and care for people.


Libra is responsible for balance, justice between people. They also have an essential role in professions related to trade and economics and not least law. Their graphic symbol is the equal sign.


The characteristic of the representatives of the sign is that they seduce their partners and cloud their consciousness in order to lead them. This is what their astrological sign predicts.


In the representatives of this sign, there is always a struggle between natural instincts and civilization. The astrological symbol of this sign is the arrow. People representing this zodiac sign constantly strive to act until they reach their goal.


The animal associated with this sign is the goat. The representatives of the sign are responsible people who, no matter what life throws at them, do not give up their goals and aspirations. The graphic symbol of the sign is associated with the body of a goat.


This sign is represented as a person carrying water. This is a precious gift of nature without which life is unthinkable. The graphic symbol of Aquarius is two waves. Although this sign is airy, it should not be associated with water. Because it is the wind that creates the waves.


The symbol of this sign is two joined fish looking in different directions. This speaks of the dual nature of people who are representatives of this sign. One fish swims in mystical waters, and the other strives for self-realization and the achievement of personal goals.