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Erotic horoscope - Aquarius

Aquarians in sex are restrained and mask their sensuality, they do not tolerate discipline and obedience and prefer freedom in relationships. Aquarians rarely talk about what turns them on. In their relationships, they always act according to a scheme, a period during which they will charm the partner, a culmination of feelings and then a sexual relationship.

Aquarius in sex general characteristic

The representatives of this sign do not strive for sex, but to satisfy their sporting interest. When the goal is reached the partner ceases to be significant. It is for this reason that Aquarians look for their love for a long time.

For Aquarians, the setting during sex, the aesthetic image of the partner always play an important role. In sex, they like to experiment and realize the couple's fantasies. Representatives of this sign consider themselves skilled lovers. If you want to get pleasure from sex, offer Aquarius sexual fantasies.

Advice for an Aquarius intimate partner

For them, sexual relations are not very important and they try to preserve their relations even after cheating on their partner. If you are in a relationship with a family Aquarius, know that he is not inclined to abandon his family. If you are not satisfied with your partnership with Aquarians, do not break the relationship, but find a way to realize your sensual desires. The marriage will be stable, but you should be prepared for constant tensions in the relationship, even when there is no reason. Their subconscious is structured in such a way that after the conflict and emotional devastation, they need a bright sexual emotion, or in other words, sex without a scandal is not interesting to them. If Aquarians tell you that they want to break up with you, they might want to check your feelings for them. In order to keep the representatives of the sign, you need to assure Aquarius that you can leave at any moment, under such threats, Aquarius starts to fight for their relationships and preserve stability.

Why do Aquarians cheat?

Aquarians often change their sexual partners, but rarely have parallel relationships. In marriage, they keep their loyalty to their partner. Cheating, if it exists, is due to insufficient attention and not from unsatisfied sexual needs. In bed, Aquarius wants to feel its importance and significance and to constantly receive attention and support.

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

Stable and stable relationships are possible with Gemini and Libra. With the other signs of the zodiac, the relationship will be successful if the partners unite them with common interests or material goals. As is known, arranged marriages are the most stable and long-term. There can be problematic relationships with Taurus and Scorpio. Here it can be said, Aquarius is an ideal partner for a marriage of convenience and there is nothing wrong with that. To keep it, you will have to pay more attention to it. In sex, fantasies are important to him, not the act itself. To win them over a long period of time, find out more about his intimate desires. You play different roles and thus you will charm your partner and preserve your relationship for a long period.