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Erotic horoscope - Taurus


He is not one of the most temperamental lovers, but he is patient and strong and always gets what he sets his mind to. Taurus likes to make love in comfort, turn on a light, play soft music, bring champagne or cognac. For him, the setting is particularly important.

The Taurus man is jealous, he wants what he owns to be his alone. If your relationship is over, he will try to maintain friendly relations. He has a primitive approach to sex, which can be particularly stimulating. His caresses are almost a theatrical performance. He has a wonderful imagination, but do not think that he will lead you down unknown sexual paths. He will lead you down the beaten path, but he will do it in such a way that the results will not disappoint you. The neck is a sensitive area for women and men.


It is ruled by Venus, so she knows all about love. When she innocently crosses her legs she sends sexual signals to any man. The Taurus woman dresses well, with taste but not extravagantly. Although her emotional reactions are strong, her self-control is stronger. She almost never shows her affection in public, and although you could turn her on, she can deny her own desires and hold on for as long as reason dictates. She is a good cook, a good bedfellow and can be a good wife, but a warning will never forgive infidelity. If you like to crack, don't ever get into it. The Taurus woman is a demanding lover. Her favorite technique is to dramatize her vivid sexual fantasy. In order to increase eroticism, she pretends and , opposes, gives you the opportunity to show yourself as a lover who cannot be refused.

A rare marriage, both of them are stubborn and do not give up, even when they understand the futility of this stubbornness.

Taurus - Gemini

A complex, ambiguous, but common conjunction. The most serious problem in such a union is jealousy. The mobility and changeability of Gemini will cause Taurus to have uncontrollable outbursts of rage. Basically, they live with different interests without understanding each other.

Taurus - Cancer

A common harmonious union. Taurus is jealous and short-tempered, but Cancer soothes him with words, gifts and kindness. They are brought together by caring for children, and both love thrift and small material joys.

Taurus - Leo

Union of love and passion. Royal magnificence attracts the Leo attracts the Taurus, but he is afraid of getting lost in it. Leo needs constant adoration, adoration and admiration, seeks adventure, and Taurus prefers a balanced lifestyle. The union can be based on sexual compatibility, but over the years this relationship can be exhausted.


A common and happy union. Both are wonderful businessmen and practical realists. They are also united by a mutual interest in earthly pleasures. Children make this union unbreakable as they mean a lot in the lives of both.

Taurus - Libra

At first glance, they should be attracted by the closeness of their interests, since both signs are ruled by Venus, but how differently this manifests itself. Taurus is enraged by the surface of Libra, mutual reproaches and insults accumulate. Together, social status and work in one field can hold them together.

Taurus - Scorpio

Rare marriage, but wonderful sexual compatibility. Taurus attracts the faithful Scorpio, but their mutual magnetism resembles a deadly game. They mutually inflame each other, reaching an extreme, and then they separate, but soon they are together again, and so on until they get tired and finally exhaust their relationship. By honor they are lovers rather than husbands.

Taurus - Sagittarius

The union is rarely well received. The policy of dictation of Sagittarius, his unappealability, the imposition of his own opinion causes non-acceptance and protest in Taurus. Even children do not strengthen this union, but it can be preserved as a marriage of convenience.

Taurus - Capricorn

This is the most favorable union for Taurus. They are united by the same interests and sexual compatibility. A leading role is played by Capricorn, who teaches Taurus about everything. Inertness is characteristic of Taurus, and he admires Capricorn's endurance and ability to work and tries to follow his example.

Taurus - Aquarius

A hard, hard-to-match marriage. Aquarius is drawn to the devotion of Taurus. In marriage, sometimes cold, sometimes passionate in the relationship, explosions in feelings, conflicts and estrangement await them. Such a union is rarely preserved.

Taurus - Pisces

From the outside, such a couple creates the impression of a favorable one, but in reality, the sensual Pisces is hurt by the harshness of Taurus. This union is possible to last only if Taurus is soft and patient. Then there will be peace and understanding between them.