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How to raise young Gemini?

Most Geminis have an insatiable curiosity about everything. They like to explore, go after everything that piques their interest. Gemini children usually live in a world where imagination and reality are so intertwined that it is difficult to know where one begins and the other ends.

These kids would like to be friends with both genders. As they grow up, they will have different friends and girlfriends. If they do end up being emotionally attached to someone, they will often pretend that they don't care at all because being emotionally attached completely confuses them. Children of both sexes can show a strong interest in a wide variety of sports.


The Gemini child needs freedom to explore, explore and learn. It is important to have frequent favorable opportunities to change direction and to follow several lines of interest simultaneously. For Gemini children, the most important thing of all is to be understood. For them, the love they need is an integral part of the attention of those who accept them as they are and follow them in their dreams. Confinement, limitations and boredom are the biggest terror for little Gemini.


We need to teach the young Gemini to distinguish illusion from reality. To succeed, we should encourage them to always tell the truth. Gemini children are honest by nature and would not tell the truth, only to protect themselves if they feel misunderstood. These children would love to learn to communicate, read and speak several languages. They can easily become bilingual if they are spoken to in different languages from an early age.