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They say that everyone has an inner voice or intuition.

It happened in 1912, Mrs. Dyson, an honorary mother and housewife, was preparing to go with her husband on an exciting sea cruise. Everything was packed a long time ago, the tickets were bought, but at the last moment the lady became capricious and started making all sorts of arrangements. Finally, the angry husband canceled the trip, and subsequently read in the newspaper that the Titanic, the cruise liner they were supposed to travel with, had sunk. This is a prime example of intuition. From the fact that a person does not like his interlocutor at first glance, who later turns out to be scoundrels. Our intuition helps us in difficult times to avoid dangers.

Even Socrates admits that his inner voice guides him and prompts him and restrains him from wrong actions. Buddhists claim that this is the cosmic mind that we can contact in a trance state. Modern psychologists claim that intuition is the unconscious experience of a person that accumulates over the years. It registers on a sub-conscious level and is suddenly released as a kind of epiphany.

Logic or intuition

Creative people often illuminate them with brilliant ideas. Children differ from adults, they do not analyze the situation but act spontaneously, And in most cases they turn out to be right. Over the years, society has taught them that one must think before acting. Developing logical thinking, we forget to listen to the voice of intuition.

Strong circumstances

In ancient times, people with well-developed intuition often became priests or chiefs. The sixth sense helped them avoid danger.

What are the signs of turning on intuition. In some the strong beating of the heart, in others a feeling of warmth.

Before making an important decision, keep the question to yourself and then forget about it for 15 to 20 minutes, and it is very likely that the right answer will form itself in your head.

By trusting intuition, we will be able to make the right decisions in difficult moments.