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What should we know about eclipses?

Solar and lunar eclipses have always aroused interest in people mixed with superstitious fear. Even today, many people continue to fear them, although sometimes they can be useful to us.

Lunar eclipses occur on a full moon. They cause increased emotionality, activity, imbalance and conflict. During lunar eclipses, stormy clarifications of relations, especially on the basis of jealousy, are likely. Many at this time experience headaches, insomnia. Lunar eclipses affect women and children the most.

Solar eclipses coincide with the new moon when energy is at a minimum and resistance to disease is low. During this time, the risk of heart attacks and strokes increases and many people have high blood pressure. At this time, people become passive and easily submit to someone else's will. Men and creative individuals of both sexes are particularly hard hit by solar eclipses.

During eclipses, it is not advisable to do surgical operations except in extremely urgent situations.

Eclipse days are magical. It is during the eclipse that you can most easily get rid of harmful habits. Many people who have tried to quit smoking succeeded during these days. Termination of relationships and exhausted relationships is also done without any problems.

How do eclipses affect different signs?


Eclipses will affect the working capacity of the representatives of the sign. Nervousness, distraction may occur, which can cause mistakes and thoughtless actions. On these days, Aries will have the opportunity to change their job or heal from some diseases.


A creative crisis and problems with the heart and spine are possible. Avoid adventures and adventures. But during these days Taurus can easily fight against harmful habits and passions.


Gemini will feel vulnerable during these days. Problems with parents and people from the immediate environment may arise. The home will be the main concern for the representatives of the sign. If they are burdened by obligations assumed long ago, they will have the opportunity to easily find a way to end them forever.


The business life of Cancers will not be stable. The nervous system will be vulnerable. It is also possible that they have a problem with learning and communication, but there is a chance to change the circle of acquaintances with a better one.


Eclipses will have a bad effect on Leos, they will disturb their peace and throw them off balance. Representatives of these zodiac signs are susceptible to fraud during these days. It is desirable that they be vigilant.


During these days, Virgos will successfully get rid of their bad habits. Fighting excess weight will benefit them.


Many Libras will feel isolated and secretly suffer because of it. As a whole, these days will be filled with worries and struggle with your emotions.


With eclipses, sharp turns in the life of the representatives of the sign are likely. Scorpios will have to be careful when working with electrical appliances. They will easily and painlessly get rid of problematic relationships.


During these days, contacts with the administration will require great vigilance from Sagittarius. On the other hand, work on their unpleasant habits will be successful and the results will be good. Sagittarians suffering from excessive modesty will get rid of this shortcoming.


Eclipses will affect the intellectual life of Capricorns. Changes in life plans are not excluded.


Difficulties in marriage and property problems are likely for Aquarians. They will not find the necessary support from their close environment for their plans.


For them, eclipses are possible problems in relationships. Some alliances will strengthen and others will fall apart. Pisces should avoid scandals, this is not a solution to problems.