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Places with positive and negative energy in cities

On the streets in cities there are places with negative energy that adversely affect human health.

Who are these places?

The sewer shafts

The openings of the sewage system absorb people's energy and deprive them of good mood and strength.

Abandoned buildings and structures

These places are also a source of negative energy, and if a person stays in such places for a long time, it is possible to disturb his energy potential.

The intersections

Crossroads are particularly inauspicious, they draw people's energy and it is particularly unfavorable to take items from them.

Auspicious places

The bridges

Passing from one point to another is very valuable in magic, thus a person can if he chooses to change his life path.


You can also use the stones to name your wishes. Touch your left hand to the stone and if it warms it means you are in contact with the stone. Say sincerely your innermost desire and the chance of its fulfillment is very high.

Arches, doors, tunnels

A large amount of cosmic energy is collected in these places, which you can use for creative purposes.

Favorite places from your childhood

You can also call the old oak, the white birch, the pine along these trees your wishes and expect a positive development.

Believe in the realization of your wishes, but let them be for the good of all and not harm human dignity. In this way, the chance will be on your side.

We wish you luck!