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What prevents us from being happy?

There are many materials and practices that show us the way to be happy. If everything does not go as we want, it is necessary to pay attention to our behavior and mistakes that prevent us from achieving success in our endeavors.

If we are constantly faced with difficulties and disappointments, but we want to fundamentally change the situation, then we must look at ourselves from the sides and exclude the way of behavior and view of the situation that we do not want.

A bystander's view

Because of our reluctance to see and solve the problems that currently exist before us, more difficulties arise. This leads to the accumulation of many problems that are difficult to solve. To overcome this condition, there is only one solution. If there is a problem, we should quickly find a way to remove or neutralize it so that it does not hinder our development going forward.


Many people are consumed by intransigence and selfishness, which prevents them from finding the right solution to the problems and worries they are experiencing at the moment. If they continue to act like this they will lose what little they have now. Solution flexibility and quick response to the situation. Although the first time a not particularly correct decision is made, the next time it will be correct and will solve the situation without problems.


If we indulge ourselves in dreams, they become unproductive and interfere with the real view of the things that happen to us. For this, it is necessary to boldly look at what exactly the real situation is and to move to adequate actions.


It is a very common practice for people to blame themselves for not doing this or that or missing the right moment. The solution is always in front of us, but we see it because we are not here and now. If we look at what is happening to us as bystanders in our consciousness, the red light will immediately light up and this will be a decision to act in order to remove the obstacles and problems that hinder our development.


When the internal dialogue is aimed at destructive criticism. We cannot expect anything good to happen to us. Our negative attitude towards ourselves disrupts our motivation. To overcome this condition, a positive attitude and faith in one's own strength is needed.