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How to communicate with our Guardian Angel?

At birth, a person receives a heavenly patron called the Guardian Angel, who follows him throughout the earthly journey, telling him what to do, helping and protecting him in critical situations.

Every day he gives us signs, but unfortunately many people do not pay attention to them.

Here are some tips on how to contact our Guardian Angel.

Learn to trust your intuition.

Talk to your Guardian Angel often in your mind.

Tell him about your tribulations successes and failures. In this way, you have a chance for him to offer you the best solution to avoid trouble.

During the day be good and do noble deeds, smile often and your Guardian Angel will absolutely love you because you are positive.

If you have a problem and you don't know what to do, share your problem in the evening before going to sleep to your Guardian Angel, the next day he will surely give you a sign how to act. It can be a phrase from a stranger, the title of a TV show, the title of an article from a newspaper or an advertisement, as soon as you see it you will know that it is a sign from your Guardian Angel. Do as he recommends and the problem will be solved.

We wish you luck!