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Gifts that we should not use or give away

Gloves- By accepting a gift of gloves you become dependent on the person who gave them to you. You should not wear this item to avoid becoming a victim of manipulation by the donor.

Belt - Take with such a gift you tie your luck and happiness and deprive yourself of the joy of life. You prevent new people and opportunities from appearing in your life. Don't wear your gift belt it will only bring you failures.
Fabrics- It is not advisable to accept other people's fabrics as a gift, this way you will only cause tears and disappointments. Since ancient times, cloths have been donated on special occasions to relatives who have no chance to continue their life path or to sick people. Since then, these items have become a symbol of suffering.

Crucifix - Be very careful, if the donor is a successful person, rich and happy, then boldly accept such a gift, it will bring you only success, but if the donor has problems and cannot boast of his successes and achievements, he probably wants to transfer to your destiny.

Watch- A saying goes never accept a watch as a gift, such a gift will hinder your success in life.

Mirror- Also should not be taken as a gift. The mirror will rob you of your youth, beauty, joy and health.

Purse, wallet - It is not advisable to accept such gifts or if you do accept them, do not use them. Such a gift can negatively affect your financial situation, if you still use it, there must be a coin or banknote in it.

Be careful what you give and accept as a gift so as not to destroy your relationships with people.