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How to attract and retain success?

Conditionally, we can divide people into lucky and unsuccessful. What distinguishes the behavior of these people and how to attract success in our lives?

In essence, success is a favorable confluence of circumstances where things work out in your favor. Such situations happen to each of us. But how is success formed?

There is a theory that success is a manifestation of good karma. Karma is energy that you yourself produce through your thoughts, words and actions. In accordance with how we think, speak and act, energy is formed which is either positive or negative. This energy accumulates over many lifetimes. To understand this theory, we will give you an example of a young girl who is looking for a man.

If negative karma prevails in a person, then many of the events that happen in a person's life have the purpose of burdening him. For example, the girl is burdened by her contacts with men in the past. In this life she meets a man who has a tendency to psychopathy and alcoholism, but at the time of acquaintance these qualities are not manifested. That's why they live peacefully and happily until the girl doesn't offend the boy. The first portion of negative karma descends on her. The man applies physical force and shows that he does not like being insulted. This continues until the woman resists him. Lesson learned and she starts doing positive karma.

If a person is lucky or with positive karma, he will attract positive situations during his life.

For example, a young girl gets married, but she can't cook and she doesn't understand fashion. At one wonderful moment, they sell the old home and buy a new one, but they can't move in right away because the new apartment is being renovated. During the renovation, she lives with her friend and she decides to teach her to cook. Her friend revises her wardrobe and removes all old-fashioned clothes, and together they choose and buy new elegant clothes emphasizing her femininity. This is how positive karma works, guides our life path and brings us luck.

We create our own luck.

The man's brother appears on the life path of our heroine, who takes the role of a tempter and seduces the man to use drugs. The case clearly comes from the person's past karma and creates a negative one, but at the same time the woman's positive karma is present.

The brother demands money from her and promises to return it. In this case, if the woman had refused to accept people suffering from drug addiction in her home, then in this way she would have created positive karma. But the moral principles of a good housewife do not allow her to do so. For this, she chooses a neutral decision to lose a certain amount of money, but in this way she will buy her peace of mind. This action is neutral and thus forms impermanent karma that does not attract success.

It is important to watch what result your actions, words and thoughts will bring. You must realize that whatever happens in your life is a consequence of your actions, words and thoughts. The examples described above speak for this. This story tells about different periods of a person's life karma.

Your destiny may have different imprints but it all depends on you. Therefore, through your deeds and words, you can achieve positive karma and thus be successful in all endeavors.