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Methods of self-correction of a person's aura

The aura is our reliable protection, but very often, especially after stressful situations or losses, the aura loses its properties. And then it is necessary to restore its functions.

What are the causes of aura destruction?

Breakthroughs are possible in our energy field, a person can cause them himself with his passions and desires such as greed, envy, gluttony. Constant negative thoughts also adversely affect a person's aura. A person's aura can be damaged accidentally and intentionally. Intentional impact is rare but very dangerous.

What or with what can we restore the aura?

A live fire or a candle flame has a very beneficial effect on people's aura. Ancient people lived by candles and were well protected from such encroachments. In the summer, a person needs to spend more time in nature. Walking barefoot on the grass in this way uses the power of the earth, which will quickly restore a person's aura.

Certain scents can also be used to restore the aura. After an illness, the aroma of eucalyptus, cloves and ginger can be used. When experiencing a loss, the aromas of oregano and pine can be used.

Trees can also help restore a person's aura quickly. If you feel tired or tense, lean your back against a birch tree, placing your right hand on the trunk of the tree and the left hand on your solar plexus, or hug the tree like a loved one. After some time, you will feel that the fatigue goes away and you feel energized.

Mirrors also interfere with a person's aura, so they should be cleaned from time to time with a saline solution of water and salt. This solution makes the mirror neutral. It would be good to leave the mirror to be heated by the sunlight as well.. In this way, they will be charged with strong positive energy.

Natural sounds can also be used to strengthen the aura, such as the singing of birds, the sound of the sea.

Here is the place to note that each person must choose his own approach to strengthening his aura and find the shortcut to his happiness.