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How to properly start the day?

The right start of the day is a guarantee of a good mood and success in all endeavors. In this article, we will introduce you to popular beliefs about getting up and what drinks you need to drink in the morning to be alert throughout the day.

If you want to set yourself up positively and get maximum success during the day, you can use folk advice that is free and effective.

After you wake up, gently pat your eyelids and stain your feet and hands. Then bend your legs and repeat the front exercise several times.

Do not get out of bed until you feel a surge of strength.

Land with your right foot and success will follow you throughout the day.

These tips also have a medical rationale. If you get out of bed suddenly, your blood pressure will go up, which in turn can cause dizziness and headaches.

After getting up, it is advisable to take a shower. Folk recipes recommend taking a shower from a hygiene point of view and to clear the person's energy field. The most suitable for this procedure is the contrast shower. Men start with lukewarm and end with hot water, and for women it is the opposite.

Drinks that you need to use in the morning

Rosehip, mint and lemon tea will be the most suitable. Such tea will regulate the blood and eliminate the symptoms of fatigue and has a positive effect on the whole organism.

Our ancestors also recommend psychological training. This is the prayer "God, give me strength, success and health." Make this day joyful and bring good things to me. Amen”

We wish you successful days!