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How to eliminate nightmares?

Sleep is an opportunity to replenish our energy supply and receive information from our subconscious. A dream reflects a person's mental state and governs his real life. In stressful situations, a person receives negative information and is haunted by nightmares.

At the energy level, a breakthrough is formed and failures begin to happen, problems appear in personal relationships and the entry of new vital energy is blocked. If you sleep poorly for more than two weeks, it means that your energy shell is weakened.

To avoid nightmares, you need to boost your energy. Working with dreams requires discipline and meticulousness.

Ways to get rid of nightmares and their consequences

Change the pillow you sleep on often. Place a glass of water near your head in the evening, which you pour into the toilet in the morning. In this way, the negative information acquired during sleep will disappear.

Under your pillow, put a bag in which you put some salt and pine needles. Change the contents of the bag every week.

Before going to sleep, contemplate pleasant things.

After waking up from an unpleasant and nightmarish dream, change the bedclothes with new ones. Take a contrast shower to protect yourself from the bad effects of nightmares.

Place a pyramid of jasper or jade near your head. The energy of the pyramid will remove negative energy flows and restore your energy field.

Write the images, details and sensations from your unpleasant dream on a sheet of paper and burn the sheet at sunset.

With these ways, you have a chance to get rid of nightmares.

Remember that the dream is energy in which your logic is hidden, but this energy exists and can penetrate into real life.