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Forgiveness is stronger than revenge

Let's talk about the emotions that cause a lot of energy to drain. One of these emotions is the desire for revenge.
One day a client called me and told me about an unpleasant event that happened to her the day before.

A complete stranger had committed a rude and pointless act towards her. This act of his has caused hatred, rage and a desire to take revenge on my client, that's why she called me to tell her how to take revenge on him.

In the process of the conversation, I saw how her energy drained out due to these emotions and reached a critical level. I explained to her that with her desire for revenge, she can destroy her health and it is difficult for her to cope with the consequences of these destructive emotions.

Aggression, big ego, hatred block all aspects of life. These emotions cause trouble and provoke new situations for revenge. The last humiliating event was a kind of warning that the universe tried to reach into this woman's mind.
Closing the circle of aggression

Religion says to forgive, psychologists say forgive if you want to be happy. Hatred also breeds hatred. A closed loop occurs, and if the exit is not made, everything is repeated again. Revenge, hatred and aggression are paths to nothingness. The payback will surely come and will affect not only the hater but also his family.
Do we have the right to retaliate?

Revenge is the desire to prove our understanding of the world and to prove our understanding of justice. In order to take revenge, it takes enough trivial reasons. The vengeful man places himself before God and harms the universe with his vibrations, and the universe responds accordingly by blocking his appearances in the world.
What can trigger our thirst for revenge?

An aggressive person cannot have a personal life, or if he does, he is incomplete. Friends, partners and colleagues avoid him.
In order to have a fulfilling life, it is desirable to free yourself from destructive emotions. With conscious work and help from a specialist, you can direct your energy in the right direction and for creative purposes such as love and spiritual life.