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What do your habits say about you?

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What do your habits say about you?

New acquaintance is always a challenge. We enjoy guessing what kind of person is opposite us. Habits are a reliable source of information, but we can also ask our mutual acquaintances. I want to clarify that habits cannot be controlled and one cannot get rid of them.

They manifest themselves unconsciously and testify to traits of the person's character that manifest themselves in conversation. From the habits one can judge about:

Beneficial biases - these habits give great workability, different habits and rules of behavior.

Irrelevant bias actions that do not correspond to the general features of the personality, but are useless habits that cause irritation in those around them.

Harmful biases - habits that negatively influence health, cause dependence and irritation in others.

In order to clarify a person's character, it is necessary to observe some useful habits for him. From here biases are divided into:

Professional - they express the specific activity of the person, these are long-term planning, quick decision-making, checking of completed tasks.

Behavioral - they help to unravel a person's character.

Constant stroking of the hair predicts a desire to please and dissatisfaction with his appearance. Such people need confidence and reliable support.

People who curl their hair on their thumbs are sentimental and very suspicious.

The habit when we speak of playing with something in the hands is an indication of nervousness and secretiveness.

Domestic: they eloquently tell about a person's attitude towards himself and those around him.

Demonstrates respect for the family circle, respects the interlocutor, is interested in their opinion.

Sanitary and hygienic: they show how much a person loves himself. The many procedures for self-care testify to a high degree of self-love. Neglecting basic hygiene rules predicts that he has a negative attitude towards those around him.

Moral - they are manifested in close contact, they characterize only the knowledge of moral principles, mental, intellectual speak about the mental baggage of the interlocutor.

Through these characteristics, you get another key to understanding your interlocutor and deciding what kind of relationship to maintain going forward.