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Which zodiac signs are energy vampires and which are donors?

Energy vampires are people who take and use the energy of those around them. Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, anyone can be an energy vampire or donor. Energy vampires easily adapt to difficult conditions and easily tolerate stress. Their goal is to use someone else's energy to achieve their goal.

Signs of energy vampires

The most outspoken vampire is the representatives of the zodiac sign Cancer. In this case, there are two types. A purposeful representative of the zodiac who does not need other people's energy and a Cancer who uses the energy of the people around him for his purpose.

Another sign is the Scorpions. They are cruel vampires and will stop at nothing, and for their endeavors it is possible to draw energy from their immediate environment.

Vampire provocateurs are the representatives of the sign of Aquarius and, to a lesser extent, the representatives of the sign of Sagittarius. Aquarians get pleasure from openly humiliating a person. To protect ourselves from such abuse, it is best to limit our contact with such people or not contact them at all.

Donor signs

A typical donor is Pisces. Purposeful and self-confident representatives of the sign can give off energy without it harming them. These people give the impression that their powers are infinite.

Another zodiac sign of donors is Virgo. They feel a person's energy and give him attention and love. They donate their energy selflessly.

There is no pronounced presence of vampires or donors in the world. All people strive to maintain a general balance. For this, people should try to work on their energy system and not allow anyone to destroy their energy shell.