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What our face can tell

Imagine how many disappointments can be avoided if you find out a lot about the person opposite you on your first date.

Today, various methods for figuring out the interlocutor's intentions are very popular, but we can also answer these questions ourselves by looking at the interlocutor's face. This science originated in China many years ago, through it the Chinese tried to find a connection between the person's face and character. With the guidelines described below, you too can try this method.
The form is a reflection of the content

Elliptical, oval shape looking like an egg with a sharp end. Such a shape of the face has active people who do not stand in one place. They are always looking for new impressions and emotions, they often change their activities and radically. People with this face shape are smart, inquisitive and very sensitive.

A square face shape is characteristic of people who are persistent and decisive, masculine and rough. Such people have a thirst for power and leadership. The struggle for them is a vital credo.

Triangular face shape is possessed by gifted people who absorb any information like a sponge, but at the same time they are quite selfish. Difficult to get attached, they are often unprincipled, cunning non-contact.

Trapezoidal such a face shape is very suitable for the triangular shape, but here you can add purposefulness and self-love. People with such a face are very artistic and sensitive. For a woman, such a face shape predicts a pleasant character.

Round face, such people are calm and peaceful, as a rule, they are very good-natured. A special atmosphere is created around such people and with their aura they captivate people and thanks to this they have a chance to become managers and leaders.