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Common nightmare dreams and their meanings

Many people have the same nightmares. These dreams reflect their emotional and mental state, their current problems and fears. What do they mean and what benefit can be derived from nightmares?

You miss an important event

You dream that you miss an important event, a celebration, an important meeting or something else. As a rule, such dreams are associated with anxiety that you have not lived up to some hopes or that things are not working out for you. If you are often visited by such a dream, it means that you will hardly achieve success in some important project. To be successful you will need optimism.

You see yourself naked in your dream

If you see yourself naked or undressed in your dream, it means serious problems with reality. Low self-esteem and you experience a lot what people say about you.

Lost teeth

A very common dream, it predicts experiences regarding your appearance.

Falling into a trap

Such a dream can have several plots. You may dream that you are in a narrow room, closed in a cupboard or wardrobe. Such dreams are dreamed by people who are afraid of closed spaces or that it will be difficult to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Falling asleep

These dreams can testify that you cannot control a certain situation or that you have a great fear that you can hardly overcome.

You run from some

If you are being chased in a dream or running from a pursuer, it means that you are running away from problems and do not want to solve them.