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How the pictures in our home affect our lives

Many people decorate their walls with paintings. They create coziness and complement the general interior, bring harmony and aesthetics, but when we put pictures in our home, we must take into account the color range, the plot. All this creates certain vibrations that influence our self-confidence, our energy and even help us to succeed in various affairs.

Each picture carries within itself an energetic information complex, positive or negative, which depends on several factors. The personal energy of the artist, the meaning of the work itself. Before you buy a painting and place it in your home, consider the following:

If you have insomnia, it would be good to put pictures in green tones on the walls of your bedroom. An excellent solution would be a picture with a painted pine or a spring field. The green nature combined with the blue sky will calm the nervous system, remove aggression, get you out of depression, help you calm down and forget about today's problems.

It is good to note that the red color stimulates a person to decisive actions, gives energy and activity to self-confident people, it would be good for such people to have bright pictures in their home, for example, with the image of poppies in front of the front door, so that they can before going to work to recharge with this energy.

It is believed that the images of landscape and landscapes are a universal plot for harmony in the home. The walls of the rich Chinese are decorated with images of forests, rivers, waterfalls, valleys and hills. Feng - Shu specialists are confident that such plots strengthen families and create stability. Fruits, fruit trees and flowers are symbols of well-being. The peach symbol of longevity and health is especially revered.

To preserve marriage and love, it is good to have a picture of peonies in your home.

The portrait carries part of the energy of the depicted person. It is good to put your own portrait next to a fireplace where there is a fire element. This will add strength and health to you.

Do not put a portrait of you in the entrance hall. This can lead to an imbalance in your energy and have unwanted consequences.

There is a special category of paintings that bring success. These are stories related to a religious theme or saints. With the presence of such paintings in your home, you should treat them with respect and honor, and harmony and prosperity will reign in your home. The only restriction you should remember is not to put pictures with a religious theme on the wall where the bathroom and toilet are located.

What paintings should we not bring into the house? Paintings or photographs depicting natural disasters. Such works have a destructive effect on your life.

When placing a painting in your home, try to appreciate its energy and possible influence. The work may not be by a famous artist or painting genius, but the state of the artist during the creation of the painting is also of great importance. It would be good if he was in a good state of mind, which will have a positive effect on the people.