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Criticism cause for hysteria or key to success?

Each of us faces criticism in our life and perceives it quite painfully. How do we learn to benefit from it?

Don't beat yourself up, admit that listening to criticism instead of praise is not very pleasant. An authoritative opinion about our actions or decisions can be uplifting, but in most cases it will lead to irritation or reflection on our own imperfection.
So let's understand what this criticism is and how to properly react.

The most common reaction to criticism is to start justifying ourselves and explaining to the opponent that he did not understand correctly and that it is not our fault. The danger of this action is that your authority instantly falls, the second is that you are not reacting to the attacks of your opponent and you have shown weakness. It is not a very favorable reaction to not answer or to remain silent as a partisan. Imagine that every day you are criticized and you do not react, after a while it is possible to fall into a deep depression. For this, do not be silent, make a dialogue, find out the reasons for the dissatisfaction and solve the problem. The most inappropriate reaction is aggression. In this way, you are sure to cause a big scandal.
How is it necessary to react?

There are two reaction options. To admit your mistakes and remove them or put forward arguments to prove your right. No one says it's easy and simple, but you have to learn to control your reactions.
How do we do this?

First, before answering your opponent, pause, inhale and exhale deeply. In this way, you will gather your thoughts, cool your passions, and be able to act adequately. You can also leave the room, on the occasion of an important phone call, in this way you will temporarily extinguish the problem.

The ability to use humor is perhaps the best solution in such situations. A person who treats his own shortcomings with irony deserves the sincere respect of those around him.

Also pay attention to the criticism of close people. It is very helpful in overcoming your shortcomings.
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You are ready to give criticism a reasonable and adequate answer, but for this you will overcome internal barriers through some simple techniques.

You can re-enact the case of the last criticism leveled at you. For this, relax and repeat the situation, but this time imagine that you are calmly presenting your arguments and deciding the situation in your favor.

I wish you good luck!