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How can we use fragrances to change our lives?

Since ancient times, people have noticed the mysterious effects of scents, how they affect mood and feelings. Aromas are ethereal mysterious substances in themselves, evoking inexplicable states of the psyche.

How to find the right fragrance for us?

This is where astrology comes to the rescue. The relationship between scents and the planets ruling the zodiac signs. Each scent has a magical power to influence a person's destiny, his character, those around him. Knowing what fragrance affects your destiny, we can consciously increase or slow down some quality of ours.

Each sign has a ruler planet, it symbolizes that power that helps, guides the life of the person representative of this sign. When this smell is there he feels good both physically and emotionally. When a person feels lost, emotionally exhausted, knowing his aroma, his power can restore his bio field.

Aries-Scorpio planet ruler of these signs is Mars. The scents suitable for these zodiac signs are: sandalwood, ginger, geranium.

Taurus-Libra- planet ruler of these signs is Venus. Venus fragrances have an erotic setting. These include rose, rosemary, strawberries, lilac and lily of the valley.

Gemini - Virgo ruler of these signs is Mercury, these aromas are very imaginative, elusive and everywhere penetrating like: anise and oregano which are under the rule of Mercury.

Cancer - the ruling planet is the Moon, the aromas are fresh and moist and include vanilla, lily, lavender.

The Sun rules Leo. For the representatives of the zodiac sign Leo, sharp smells like: rosemary, sandalwood, hyacinth, magnolia are suitable.

Sagittarius - Pisces is under Jupiter, these scents are also pleasant, like the scents of Venus, but stronger like: coffee, jasmine, orchid.

Capricorn-Aquarius - these signs are ruled by Saturn, their aromas are: pine, cloves and camphor.

By taking into account the aromas suitable for each zodiac sign when needed, we can quickly improve our emotional and physical state.