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Relax you will enjoy

Emotional action is considered a feminine quality. From time to time we all seethe with anger, resentment, or die of curiosity. Is this good or bad and what is the easiest way to deal with such emotional states.

All diseases are from the nerves

Emotions can heal us or make us sick. It all depends on what emotions we most often experience and how we experience them. There is a known case when a terminally ill person was cured by watching funny movies from morning to night for two months, but we can hardly say that this is a panacea, but the fact is a fact.

Among the long-lived, optimists predominate, and emotional women live longer than rational men.

Positive emotions harmonize the work of all organs and systems of the body and serve as a source of energy for life. Of course, they do not in themselves give energy, but they direct the energy in a positive direction.

Negative emotions, on the contrary, unbalance the body. Irritability, envy, greed, hatred, jealousy, fear, lust for power, aggressiveness are considered the roots of various physical diseases.

How to deal with negative emotions?

Often we suppress negative emotions and put on a mask, but this is not helpful. It is better to watch them carefully.

To avoid them, it is advisable to relax. Each emotion is associated with typical bodily manifestations, such as facial expressions, gestures

. In anger, the face fills with blood, in fear and anxiety, a heaviness is felt in the solar plexus. After an unpleasant conversation, there is tightness in the heart area.

In order to deal with the problem painlessly, we need to replace negative emotions with positive ones.

For example, to replace insult with magnanimity, stinginess with generosity, envy with benevolence.

When a person does not give in to his emotions, he will maintain his mental and physical health.

For this, relax and do not act impulsively.