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Signs that this is not your first life on earth

Is reincarnation possible? Scientists and occultists argue about this. At the same time, there is enough evidence for possible reincarnations, but how does one know this for oneself. There are several signs that you may be an old soul.

You seem to have a program that helps you get information about the people around you. If you have had many past incarnations, it will not be difficult for you to create a psychological portrait of your interlocutor, trusting your intuition.

You feel good when you are alone, because you know much better than others that the time when you are alone and observe nature is much more interesting and valuable for you than shopping in the mall

You do not feel the need for the approval of your acquaintances, you do not want evaluations of your successes, this is because you are not the first time on earth and you do not need experiments, such as what life you want and what life will suit you best.

From early childhood, you quickly absorbed the learning material, you said such things that shocked adults. You have a philosophical outlook on life, people older than you have turned to you for advice.

Things that people understand and realize in 10-20 years, you are able to understand in a year.

All this means that you have had many past lives and in this life you can very quickly assess the situation and deal with problems.