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Laws of the universe with which it is necessary to comply

Many people think that chaos reigns in our world and that all events in our lives are coincidences that have no logical explanation. There are laws in the universe from which the events in our lives arise. Many times we ask ourselves why is this happening to me?

We can find the answers in the laws of the universe.

There is no good and evil in the world. There are simply events that make us happy and that make us sad.

If you can fix your problem, that means you don't have a problem, or if you can fix your mistake, it's no longer a mistake.

Each person is alone in his own way, the strong person accepts this loneliness and the weak does not.

Do what you set out to do now or you will never do it.

When you release from your life what you no longer need, you will very soon get what you want.

To get something you have to give or sacrifice something.

Only in a state of stress will you have the opportunity to change the world around you.