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Why should the woman keep the money in the family?

Who in the family should keep the money? Who is responsible for controlling all expenses? Each person has a different opinion on these matters.

Indian astrologers recommend that in order for the family to have prosperity, it is very important that money be kept and available to the woman.

Why the woman in particular and how does this help to improve the well-being of the family?

According to Indian astrology, woman is a manifestation of Lokshima, the goddess of abundance and prosperity. Thus whatever the man has achieved will be in the hands of the Goddess.

Even in ancient times, sages noticed that when money is distributed by a man, he constantly thinks about it, and this prevents him from finding a way to acquire more money. For a man's family to be successful, a clear mind and sober thinking are needed.

When money is available to the man, his wife does not know what funds the family has and when they do not give her money, she concludes that her partner is stingy and selfish.

When the money is distributed by the woman, there is financial order and reasonable economy in the family. In this way, the woman psychologically cannot afford to buy something superfluous because she has to take care of the family's finances and distribute them wisely.

A woman is subject to a special magic for working with money, she knows how to move it correctly on an energy level, which means that order will always reign in the family budget, and money loves order.

When a woman spends money, she does it naturally and makes herself and her family happy.