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Character versus hair color

Since ancient times, people have known that vital energy accumulates in hair. That is why women who had long hair braided it or covered it with a towel. Each hair is responsible for the energy of its owner. Through the hair it is possible to perform many magical rituals.

Long neat hair symbolizes health and powerful energy. Scientists have long discovered that hair stores energy, but also remembers all stressful situations, such as anger and aggression. When we cut our hair, we get rid of this negative energy. Even psychologists advise that anyone who has suffered failures and disappointments should get a haircut or make a new hairstyle. Our ancestors also believed that by getting a haircut we change our fate, and after a haircut they burned the hair so that it could not be used for bad intentions.

When combing, the decision is useful to think about pleasant things. This procedure will fill you with energy and give you the strength to implement the plans you set out to implement. When you are at the hairdresser, have a casual conversation with him, and make sure that he is not malicious towards you.

Washing is a very important process, it helps to get rid of negativity. If you are in the shower and have soaped yourself up, don't rush to wash it off, but turn to the water with a request to wash away all the troubles from you. After washing, don't rush to dry your hair, put a towel on your head, relax and stand like that for a few minutes.
Much can be predicted from the color of the hair about the character of its owner.

Golden hair has always been an attribute of fairy-tale beauties, who are modest or capricious, kind or arrogant, but always remain inaccessible and therefore attract universal attention.

Red hair betrays a demonic temperament in its owner. Such a color speaks of an explosively dangerous and rebellious character.

Black hair predicts a cruel nature of its owner, but also a strong will and character.

Brown hair belongs to creative and charming people. A person with such hair easily works as a psychologist or forensic scientist and can become an authority in his circle.

Blonde hair is considered a sign of devoted and generous people who deserve the trust of those around them.

Now you know what subconscious associations your hair color evokes and whether you need to change it. Choosing the new color will transform your destiny, so you need to carefully consider your decision.