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The inner world - entrance closed

Do you like to talk about your own life and personal affairs with people you don't know well? Can you pour your heart out on a first date, or do you hold back on emotional impulses because it can be dangerous. This article describes techniques for protection and control of energy exchanges between people.

The Bulgarian has a broad soul and discusses his personal problems and the negative aspects of life in almost all his contacts. The interlocutor listens to you attentively, but does not always have the opportunity to cry with you. For Western Europeans, such behavior is unacceptable. To solve their problems, they go to a psychoanalyst.

Techniques for safe communication

If you keep to yourself and are going through a difficult period, it is not advisable to talk about it in front of everyone you meet. This will cause even stronger negative emotions.

Get out of the habit of telling every random person you meet about your life. By remembering past failures and defeats you create a mental image and again you can attract new misfortunes. In addition, information about your past can be misinterpreted, your revelations can give rise to rumors and gossip behind your back.

Try not to tell about your plans even to your closest people. The sharing of projects hinders their implementation or, if implemented, it will be accompanied by many problems.

Don't talk about your income, so you create a mental image in the mind of your interlocutor. If they perceive you as a person who has a lot of money, they can constantly ask you for loans or blackmail you.

Refrain from demonstrations of material well-being in front of colleagues or little known people. Don't show your newly purchased benefits. Thus you will cause the envy of detractors.

The main principle of safe communication is to have a dialogue with your interlocutor on common topics and avoid telling things from your personal life.