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The anchor as a talisman

The anchor is a very ancient talisman. They used it even before our era. If a person wanted to protect himself from dangers during a sea voyage, he had to cut an anchor out of stone. The anchor is a Christian sign symbolizing faith and a sign of salvation.

Seals of Christians with images of an anchor and a monogram of the Savior have been preserved to this day. The wedding rings of Christians are also decorated with anchors in order to maintain their fidelity to each other and to Christ.

The anchor has absorbed the energy of its ruler - the sea element, but unlike the mistress who is dangerous in her anger, this talisman is called to protect the lives of its owners.

The first worshipers of the anchor-talisman were the people whose life was directly connected with the sea. Women gave anchors to their husbands, wishing them a safe journey and a safe return. The power of the anchor talisman is so great that people began to use this talisman for earthly occasions as well. Because life on land is also turbulent.

A real sea anchor is made of metal, so her little assembled talisman must also be made of metal. The most reliable talisman anchor is cast iron. You can confidently trust it during a trip or in everyday life.

A silver anchor can make your life easier.

An anchor made of gold can solve a lot of problems. This talisman can transform negative energy into positive. The golden anchor will serve well to anyone who cannot control himself and gives in to his desires, does not have the willpower to fulfill his intentions. With its help, the smoker who has given up will not reach for cigarettes again, and the one who has started a struggle with weight will not be tempted to reach for forbidden foods.

Stone anchors will be useful to people who need support. If you have started some project, an anchor made of amber will help you realize what you have in mind to a positive end.

Bracelets with depicted anchors are also an excellent talisman. For example, a bracelet with a ladybug next to the anchor attracts happiness, wealth and success to its owner. A dolphin in a similar tandem protects from water, a butterfly prolongs youth, a snake restores lost health, a cat protects from evil, and a rabbit increases sexuality. These bracelets should be worn on the right hand.

A bracelet with an anchor is also suitable for women who dream of a child, in this case the ornament should be worn on the right leg. If you have already conceived, do not take off the bracelet during the entire pregnancy, and then the birth will go smoothly and the baby will be healthy and strong.