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Garlic magical plant

Garlic  is considered a magical plant, if you remember old legends and fairy tales, then with Garlic  people protected themselves from magic and vampires. To this day, the strong aroma of chesan is considered a protection against dark forces. A Garlic  can become a strong defender of the home, the main thing is to know how to use it.

Magical properties of Garlic 

If you want to cleanse yourself and your family of negative energy and diseases, take advantage of the advice of folk magic.

Take nine heads of garlic and tie them with a red ribbon or red wool thread. Put the tied garlic in some corner of your kitchen. In this way, the comb will clean your entire home of negative energy.

If you feel that someone is trying to influence you magically or emotionally, then before going to sleep you need to rub a clove of garlic in the area of your solar plexus and wait fifteen minutes, then rinse the area with water. The healing power of the Garlic  will increase your energy and save you from negative people.

To attract success, it is necessary to plant a head of garlic in the yard of your home or in a pot. When the Garlic  begins to grow and form feathers, cut off the feathers and add them to your prepared meal. In this way, you will attract strength and energy.

If you want to attract money, put a clove of garlic under your pillow on a waxing moon, and on the next new moon you will receive the first material benefits.