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What should you not do in the evening?

Each part of the day has a certain energy, if the morning is considered a favorable time to start a dish and to finish what has been started, then the evening and night are dangerously dark and mystical. All important work people try to finish by the evening.

There are many folk beliefs related to the evening. In the past, our ancestors tried to avoid and not do certain activities in the evening, so as not to bring some trouble. Many of these superstitions have survived to this day.

What should we not do in the evening?

To clean in the evening. It was believed that if you clean in the evening, the family may bring poverty.

Do not throw out the garbage from the house in the evening. According to legend, witches walk the streets at night and use discarded objects and garbage for their dark rituals.

It is not desirable to give money or collect money. It is believed that all these money manipulations will lead to losses.

Money should not be counted in the evening, money should rest in the evening.

Nothing from home should be given in the evening, especially salt and bread. Salt and bread are symbols of well-being and by giving these products you will also give yourself your luck.

In the 21st century, we don't think many people follow these tips, but whether they help or not is up to you to judge.