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Aromatic magic

Today, both folk healers and official medicine use various aromas as medicinals for the treatment of the mind and body. At the same time, many of them also possess magical power.

Cinnamon and frankincense, for example, protect against enemies, the aroma of cedar bestows material well-being, and the aroma of almond gives wisdom. But in order to absorb the magical effect of the various incenses, it must be used in conjunction with a spell.

Fragrance for health

It is prepared from equal amounts of myrrh, wormwood, rosemary and sandalwood. The materials are sold in specialized stores and pharmacies. The pieces of wood, the aromatic resin and the dry wormwood are ground into powder. It would be good to mix them and leave them overnight in a clay cup in a place where moonlight will fall on the mixture. Then you must say three times the following incantation: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. With a blessing and a cross I will go out through the eastern gates of the sea. There is an island on it lies a white stone with the throne of God. The Virgin Mary is sitting on the throne, holding Jesus Christ in her hands, protecting from all diseases and sorrows and from all evil. Holy Mother of God, queen of heaven, cover with your robe the servant of God - you say your name, from any illness. May my words be heard forever and ever, Amen.

In the morning, the magical scent will be ready to use. When someone in the home gets sick, put a pinch of the magic dust in a special scented lamp or a simple candlestick, light it and place it in the sick person's room.

Blessing for personal protection

Incense for personal protection from enemies and evil forces is prepared from equal parts of basil, frankincense, wormwood and pine. Say the incantation: Udder of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Lord, protect me, the servant of God - you say your name - from every enemy, from every evil. May my spell be strong at all times and forever Amen.

This protective incense should be used when you feel someone's negative influence or appear in someone's attempts to harm you. As a result, all kinds of troubles and troubles begin at home, at work and in personal life. In this case, the scented lamp or candlestick should be placed at home in front of the mirror to enhance the magical effect.

We wish you luck!