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The magic of tattoos

Tattoo fashion has long taken the world by storm. Many salons offer their services. We meet young men or women with bizarre tattoos all over their bodies.

The history of tattoos dates back to ancient times. During the excavations of the pyramids in Egypt, mummies were found with tattooed symbols. The art of tattoos is not only an ornament, but also a distinctive sign among tribes and an indicator of combat merit among soldiers.

Among different peoples, tattoos have different magical properties, for protection in battle or hunting, protection from diseases.

Psychics, bioenergy therapists, psychologists confirmed that the applied symbols influence the body. Texts on Chinese medicine claim that the internal organs of a person have their own zones on the skin, and if acted correctly, the diseased organs can be cured. Many books have been written about these facts, but few know that with the help of special symbols applied to the body one can influence events, remove obstacles and attract success or love.

For love, friendship, improving family relations, a suitable place to apply a tattoo is the middle of the chest.

Improving physical tone and general development use the solar plexus.

Protection from enemies, energy attacks use the shoulders.

Attracting finances use the left hand

The right hand for trouble-free repayment of loans.

The legs for a successful journey or change of residence.

It is advisable to consult with a specialist who will recommend which symbol will be useful to you.