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Secrets of domestic magic

Of great importance in home magic are the objects that surround a person. All these objects have their own soul and energy. Household objects can help people in their activities, attract success, and can, on the contrary, cause trouble.

Dining table

It is not only an object but also a symbol of reliability and stability. It would be good if the table in your home is round or oval, it is unfavorable when it is square and rectangular. Corners are sources of negative vibrations, and those persons who sit against a corner of a table will have a hard time getting what they want. Another important condition is that the table is stable and does not wobble. An unstable table is a sign of financial instability. Stabilize the table so it doesn't wobble and your financial situation will improve.

Mirrors in the home

The mirror is an indicator of the purity of your thoughts, words and actions. Keep your mirrors clean and then everything in your home will be fine. If the mirror begins to blacken, collect dust or become covered with stains, it means that there is a lot of negative energy in your home, which you need to remove.

The windows in the home

The windows in the home represent your peaceful vision. Clean windows mean clean thoughts, favorable opportunities and prospects. Uncleaned or dirty windows predict that you cannot find a way out of a difficult situation, you have no goals and dreams. Clean windows trigger new events.

Through these methods of household magic, you can significantly ease and improve your life.